Our star team of sales and customer service pros cultivate the relationships we’re built on, bringing in new dealers, maintaining existing ones and ensuring that our customers get the best service available.

Areas We Focus On

Customer Support

We’re the team that lives up to TrueCar’s core values of truth and transparency when customers need it most and that passion comes from our genuine belief in TrueCar’s mission.

Dealer Acquisition

We’re the hungry go-getters who grow our dealer network and keep spreading the TrueCar mission throughout the U.S. We’ve come to the inside sales and regional management teams through a wide variety of different backgrounds, but we’re all united by an enthusiasm and dedication to TrueCar’s vision.

Dealer Support

With over 10,000 dealers in the TrueCar network, someone needs to make sure their needs are being met at every turn. That someone is us. We’re a vigilant, detail-oriented team that keeps our dealers in the know and provides the support they need to complete their transactions successfully.

Pricing and Sales Operations

We handle inter-departmental strategic projects, dealer analytics, and upfront pricing strategies and processes. For example, those helpful shopping graphs you see on our site? We work with our Dealer Sales and Services team to create those and make sure they’re accurate so that every consumer gets a fair and honest price.

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