World-changers, fun-lovers and free-thinkers need a solid team behind them to ensure that work never starts to feel like it sounds. That’s where we come in–recruiting top people and keeping them here by creating and preserving a culture that’s as cheerful as it is rewarding.

Areas We Focus On

Executive & Administrative Assistants

With energy and determination, Executive & Administrative Assistants are the backbone of the Exec Team, executing far-fetched fever dreams by keeping everyone on their game—organized, in-touch and focused.

Office Administration

We’re the team charged with keeping the TrueCar workplace running like a well-oiled machine. We set the tone and get things done. Whether it’s assisting visitors or organizing major corporate events, we do it all with a smile.

Human Resources

We cultivate the values of fairness and fun that TrueCar stands for in order to make coming to work each day all sorts of awesome. This means infusing everything from training and development to rewards, wellness programs, payroll and employee relations with a lively, supportive culture.

Talent Acquisition

We’re the team that finds, attracts and brings the best and the brightest into our fold from a diverse set of backgrounds, aligning those top candidates with TrueCar’s own organizational goals and initiatives.

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