We’re the team that keeps TrueCar’s extraordinarily, complex engine running. We use state-of-the-art tools to create and maintain security, QA and operational performance and reliability.

Areas We Focus On

Big Data

Our team of Hadoop data scientists designs and develops core algorithm-based intelligence systems for pricing, dealer scoring and sales matching using a variety of tools like Java, MapReduce, Oozie and HBase.

Corporate Engineering

We provide first-rate internal tech support for the entire TrueCar team. This includes maintenance, setup, and configuration for all devices, systems, hardware and software.

Enterprise Applications

TrueCar’s fast-paced, ever-expanding business demands internal tools to support it. We build those tools using Microsoft technologies like ASP.NET and Salesforce¬–ensuring that our infrastructure keeps up with our company’s meteoric growth.

Infrastructure Engineering

TrueCar is built on a complex infrastructure of systems and networks, and we’re the team that designs builds and operates them. We embrace systems automation and development for operations (DevOps) to deploy and manage thousands of servers across hundreds of VLANs.

Quality Assurance

We’re responsible for designing and building the tools and frameworks that guarantee TrueCar’s functionality always meets the most exacting quality requirements.


As with any platform, TrueCar’s security is essential and our team embraces this responsibility seriously, implementing stringent best practices and procedures, conducting complex security reviews of our infrastructure and responding immediately to any and all security incidents.

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